Aluminum Cans. The best way to bring cans in to us is in large trash bags. They bale better if uncrushed, but we can handle any way. It is important to keep anything other than cans in the bags. Our employees handle everything that comes in, so glass, sand, steel shoes, snakes. So please just cans. We weigh every bag and process while you wait, so you will get your snake back.

When selling anything other than aluminum cans or tin, Florida State Law requires us to collect your photo id, and signature.

Copper. There are different grades of copper, the highest paid is bare bright, that is clean, shinny bright with insulation off. Zero contaminates. We do not grade your materials for the sake of time. Have items separated into different grades to get best price. If all comingled together, we will pay for the lowest grade.

Aluminum. Used to be that it should be separated by different types, window frames, screen frames, painted siding, clean from screws, paint, tape, handles, putty. Today just mix it all together, we do the same, we put it into a large container and ship just as you bring it to us. So, no worries for small amount of contaminates. To make it easy on everyone we pay one price for all of that stuff mixed together. NO GLASS.

If you are a commercial customer and have one type of clean drops of different grades, that does command a different price and we will be happy to accommodate you.

We accept car batteries as long as the case is not cracked or leaking.