Do you have used Bullet Brass casings and you’re not sure what to do with them? There are many uses for your used brass ammo casings such as reusing them or selling them. But one of the most beneficial uses for the brass is to recycle it. With brass being a common item found in homes and industrial applications, it makes the most sense to recycle it with a company that specializes in recycling brass casings.

TGS Brass has been serving the Florida market for spent brass shell casings for several years. We provide an easy way to recycle all your brass casings. We like to keep it simple for you!

We can provide you with monthly service, one time cleanup and our team has full background checks done. We’d be happy to service you and take care of your brass casing needs. And the best part of it all, we pay quickly!

Give us a call for more information on our brass casing recycling services 352.406.5875

TGS Brass Recycling

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