Buying Gold and Silver Coins

Recycleit is Now Buying

Gold and Silver Coins


We are now buying Gold and Silver minted coins that are made in the US, Canada or Mexico. These coins must be 99.9% silver or gold coins. We do not accept bars, chips or 90% silver coins like the Kennedy Half Dollars.

Gold and Silver Coins usually hold their value because government coins are generally backed and guaranteed by the government. The government will guarantee their purity which can help you get the highest price. Gold and Silver coins generally have higher value than bars, jewelry and chips.

Gold and Silver Coins

Why should you sell to us?

  • We pay cash for gold and silver coins
  • No appointments necessary
  • Low overhead so you receive the best price
  • Competitive pricing verse pawn shops and jewelry stores
  • Family owned and operated
Stack of Gold and Silver Coins

What To Watch Out For:

Watch out for scams and selling to shops with a high overhead. A lot of people think you’ll never get paid as much as what you bought it for. This is true if you sell to places like a local coin shop, cash for gold or pawnshop. These places have a high overhead, they need to insure the coins and are subject to market loss. This can cause you to receive less cash than what your gold and silver is worth. Also be careful with selling online to companies that you can’t take the coins into yourself.

So don’t wait! Come on down to RecycleiT to sell your gold and silver coins. No Appointment is necessary! Receive the highest value for your gold and silver coins and avoid the pawn shops and jewelers with high overhead costs. We are happy to help answer any questions you have so give us a call before you come down so we may explain the process to you, 352-343-5144

Sell your Gold and Silver Coins in 3 Easy Steps


1. Visit – Come down and show us what you have

2. Asses – We will assess the value of them

3. Offer – We will give you an offer for your coins

Questions about Selling your Gold and Silver?